all operations

in a milking parlor

Get an automated report about

all the protocol deviations happening in your milking facility.


Protocol drift in a milking parlor leads to loss of milk production and/or spread of bacteria. It’s so difficult to tell right and wrong employees apart. Let alone to train employees about specific parts of the protocol. 


Our program watches video instead of you and detects protocol errors. A dairy manager receives a daily report with short videos of discovered incidents. One can use that report to address incidents with milkers, train them to get rid of specific errors and even to incentivize behavior.  


It’s easy to benchmark different shifts and employees against the goals with our program. As a result, we help enable improved outcomes (increased milk throughput, milk quality, getting fewer cases of mastitis and improved animal welfare).

How it works

We use your existing security video cameras

inside your milking parlor.

Provided those cameras have unimpeded

view of the milking process.

You do not need to install any additional equipment.

We will launch our software remotely within 1 week.

What exactly does the software detect?

Missed pre-dipping, striping

and post-dipping

Early manual detach

of milking machines

Wiping of several cows

with the same towel

Missed reattaching of machines,

if they fall off too early

Improper equipment wash

Un-needed stop of the rotary

Poor location

of workers

Non-protocol and non-standard events

(absence of employee; cell phones; smoking, etc.)

Our software works for parallel, herringbone and rotary.

Our customers

We are working with 22 dairy farms and observing over 65,000 cows daily. 

More milk, less mastitis, improved animal welfare.

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